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If you would like to report an error in a directory listing, or a listing for a site that has closed down or changed direction, please send an email to Edwin Hayward at ehayward@incominglinks.com

If you know of (or run) a quality directory that is currently accepting submissions from relevant resources, please read the guidelines below and then submit it if appropriate.

Guidelines for New Directory Listings

1. Quality Resource
Only "quality" listings will make it into the Directory of Directories. My criteria for judging the quality of a site include (but are not necessarily limited to):-
- Number of on-topic links (100+ for super-niche, 250+ for general topic)
- Currency of data (few or no broken links in a random sample)
- Amount of advertising (ad burden is reasonably light and unintrusive)
- Listings written, edited or quality controlled by a human being
- Evidence of recent updates or changes
- Clearly defined submission process
- Niche credibility (directory offers something substantial in its niche)
- Original content (I can spot a DMOZ dump a mile away...)

2. Professional Approach
Be sure to read the guide to requesting incoming links before sending in the information about your site. It will explain what you need to send in.

3. My Decision is Final
Regardless of the above, I will take the final decision on any particular inclusion request. A listing is not "automatically" guaranteed.